Enough at Thanksgiving

This year at Thanksgiving my husband asked us all to bring a quote, a poem, a song, a verse or something else we've read that makes us thankful or hopeful for the future. We all went around the table after dinner and shared our thoughts. I shared a song I’ve loved for a long time. It is the song Enough by Sara Groves. My family and friends have heard me talk about it way too much. I’ve even had the word "enough" engraved on a necklace.

The song goes like this… “Really we don’t need much, just strength to believe. There’s honey in the rock, there’s more than we see. These patches of joy, these stretches of sorrow. There’s enough for today, there will be enough tomorrow.”

I’ve thought a lot about this song and just the word “enough”. The word itself has become many things in my mind: a lament, an affirmation and a promise.

It’s my lament to God that I’ve had enough. Enough pain, enough disappointment, enough despair, enough asking for relief with no answer, enough of the struggle. I am done. Enough already Lord! I've had enough. 

It’s become the word I’ve accepted as an affirmation. In the way that I thought my life would be different. I thought I would have “done more” or “become more”. I’m not able to be the mom or wife or the “success at something really important” that I wanted to be because of my limitations. But what I am able to offer is enough. That God can take my loaves and fishes of what I am able to give and make it enough. That my broken bits of love offered to my husband and kids will be what they need and that will be enough.

Lastly, it’s a promise that God will be enough for me. His strength will be enough in my weariness and weakness. That each morning his new mercies will meet me for whatever joys or pain that day will hold. That his sustaining grace will be enough when I wander from him, shake my fist in anger at him and doubt his goodness. That there really is honey in the rock and there’s more than we can see. That he will be enough for my soul and will carry me until the day (to quote another song, this one by Sandra McCracken) “We will feast in the house of Zion. And we will sing with our hearts restored. He has done great things we will say together. We will feast and weep no more.”