Magnolias Tell a Different Story

It’s been a hard week to “count it all joy” if ya know what I mean. What seems like pointless and relentless pain can easily send me spiraling into self-pity and despair. The pull is strong. But the Magnolia trees blooming outside my windows tell me a different story. Look past your circumstances. See the faithfulness of God in each season. In the coming spring, in the trees erupting with blossoms and fresh scents and pollen, He is there. 

See, again He has made all things new. He has taken what appeared dead and made it fully alive and beautiful again. And He does it all the time in ways we can’t see. He is at work. 

Weary hearts can find strength in him. Unanswered questions can be laid at the feet of his wisdom. And doubters like me can stay anchored to his side. Today, the joy of the Lord is my strength.